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Alhamdulillah. I got many of great experiences at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, Tanjung Rambutan. This hospital was built since 1911. Yeah, it was more than 100 years!!

With Aini, Khalilah and Ain! :)

One of the fruitful experiences I had was during the visit to the museum.

Seriously, I love museum so much since that time. Especially, when we had some explanation about the history from Prof Fadzilah during the visit.

"This is the gift of Toronto to the world." Prof said when referring to the insulin as one of the early psychiatric drug management in the early 1930's. Before the drugs was invented, most of the management are basically only, restrain and isolate the patient. And now, we are so grateful to have many kind of interventions for mental illness such as anti-depressant, antipsychotic, anxiolytic, ECT and pyshosocialspiritual therapy as well.

A thought had crossed my mind during the visit when i'm so amazed with all the old technologies and the old drugs.
"Hebatnya teknologi puluh-puluh ratus-ratus tahun lepas ni."

The early generations, the profesor and the scientist,  they created stethoscope, EEG, ECG, ECT, drugs, and so on.

Not to forget, the first medical invention and intervention was made by the Islamic scholars such as Ibnu sina, Khawarizmi, and ect.

They are the first one who created and invented, where today's generation are just upgrading and improving their ideas to have better outcomes.

"Macamna depa dapat ideas hebat macam ni, during zaman dulu2 yang source of information sangat la sikit.  How the brain works sooo brilliantly?!"

"Hebat hebat hebat!"- Not realizing that all I was thinking were just hebatnya ciptaan dan manusia yg menciptakan.

But who the one who create that super duper brilliant brains?

Kehebatan tu takkanlah terletak pada otak yg depa sendiri x boleh nak cipta sebuah otak sehebat tu. Human failed many times to invent a perfect clone of human.

We human, mudah sangat kan nak rasa takjub dengan kehebatan insan and makhluk, however, we're too often forget (susah nak nampak) semua tu datang dari Allah.

Allah. Dia lah yang menciptakan segala ssuatu. Dia Maha Hebat, Maha Bijaksana.

Dan segala kepujian kehebatan sepatutnya selayaknya hanya perlu berbalik kepada Dia yg menciptakan segala kehebatan. Allah.

This is Seha and me! <3

p/s: Now I know, why my best friend loves museum that much. I'm looking forward for more museum to be explored. Insyaallah. :)


  1. Band 6! Ameen!! I hope you become a psychiatrist one day hihi

    1. LOl. I know it's you Sehaa! still working to improve my english seha. It's terrible, yeah i admit it. uhuk! please pray for the improvement! ameen.

    2. Wah wah wah awat x habaq awai2 ad blog :( nice entry!keep it up :D


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