Make your passion as your profession! #HBUK

[Psychiatric Posting Attachment at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, Tanjung Rambutan.]

Even you're not good at a thing at the beginning, if you really love and enjoy doing it, you'll eventually be good at it.

But even if you're really good at a thing, but you don't have passion & suffers doing it, you'll end up losing your skills and potential.

And if you really love your work,  even a 5 cents of salary will be enough for you.  But if you didn't enjoy and love your work, even if you are paid RM 5 million, it'll never be enough..

"Love what you're doing, find passion in it"

"Love what you're doing, understand and find yourself"

-Dr Norhayati ; Pengarah HBUK-
7 April 2107


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